Written by Andrea De Grazia

Iraq has requested the US air strikes attack to the Isis insurgents. Iraq’s foreign minister, Hoshyar Zebari asked on al-Arabiya television the intervention of the US as confirmed by US General Martin Demsey.

The Iraqi Ambassador to the US, Likman Faily, declared the situation to be critical and the need to stop Isis to avoid further bloodshed.

Islamic fighters are trying to take control of Iraq’s largest oil refinery and the city of Tal Afar. Isis is now controlling more regions with the goal of creating an Islamic power across Sunni areas of Iraq and Syria. The insurgents entered the perimeter of the site last Wednesday, and are now heading to the administration building. 50,000 Iraq military troops are trying to resist.

Foreign security contractors are protecting Baiji because it is one of Iraq’s most strategic places. It supplies 30 percent of oil to the country.

In the next weeks, the future political leadership of Iraq will be proved as recent disasters led the government to lose completely the control. In the capital, Baghdad, the panic continues to increase and people are trying to find a safer place.

The country has now been isolated as Isis has cut the roads so the food supplies has been a struggle.

There are three main groups in Iraq; Sunni, Shia and Kurdish, almost all are in conflict with one another. The government and Shia are in war with Isis and Arabs, who are 20 percent of the population. However, Iraq feels that foreign powers such as the US’s and Iran’s have increasingly taken more control of the country.

Many civilians are continuously being killed by barrel bombs launched by Syrian government against opposition groups. Many prisoners including five police officers died on Monday. Iraq’s military has accused Isis of such massacres. Markets, schools and hospitals became very dangerous as opposition groups have allegedly increased attacks against civilians.

The Sunni militants in Iraq could also generate wider wars in Syria and the Middle East. Attacks in the northern Iraq by entities linked to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria are leading to the involvement in the Syrian conflict and luring in more fighters.

The success of the militants group in the north and west of Iraq has underlined the incapacity of the forces to defend their territory. Iran declared its opposition to the US involvement in the Iraq crisis.

As a consequence of the conflict, US Secretary of State Jon Kerry landed in Iraq on Monday. He underpinned his concern and commitment towards the integrity of the country and its sovereignty during this period of crisis. The US has agreed to send more than 300 military advisers in order to find a compromise with Iraqi leaders to calm the crisis.

Obama has declared his intent to find a solution to the destabilization of Iraq made by Isis. He declared the need to have low enforcement and military. The president, who has contributed to “end the Iraq war” in 2011, is now experiencing his country being pulled back into the conflict. The issue has been provoking many criticisms against the US government.

–Edited by Kristine Diaz and Mohamed P.Hassan

By Ray